Moquai Carbon Saddle (84gr.)

Moquai Carbon Saddle (84gr.)


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Less than 84 grams are hardly achievable for a saddle. In addition to the low weight, the Ultralight saddle of our own brand Moquai shines with amazingly high comfort and durability. The saddle can easily be mounted on racing bike, cyclo-cross, mountain bike, etc. . It's necessary to make sure that the saddle mount of the seat post is not round but oval. In addition, the matt-black colour of the saddle fits easily to almost every look of your bike. We designed this saddle for riders weighing between 60 and 75 kilos.


Product details:


Brand: Moquai

Weight of the driver: 60-75 kg

Seat stays: carbon (6mm wide, 9mm high)
Model: Saddle Light
Material: Nylon / Carbon
Weight: 84g
Coating: with AntiSlip
Special feature: ultralight design
Scope of supply: 1 x MOQUAI Saddle Light Nylon / Carbon 84g


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