Derailleur Cage for Shimano 9000/6800 Series 16T/16T

Derailleur Cage for Shimano 9000/6800 Series 16T/16T


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RIDEA has once again brought a truly impressive product to the market. This time in the form of ceramic-mounted switching cages.

The following advantages promise:


1. significantly less rolling resistance

2. low weight

3. appealing carbon look


But is it really worthwhile to spend so much money on a switch cage?


To answer this question you should ask yourself the following:

How strongly does the cage affect the driving behavior or the power loss?

The answer is relatively simple.

The pedaling force is transmitted from the pedals via the chain to the chainrings and thus to the wheels.

Since the chain always runs on the circuit and thus on the roles of the switching cage, this has a similarly important importance for the power transmission as the bottom bracket. Thus, it makes a significant difference whether you drive a cage with more or less resistance.

And this is exactly where RIDEA comes in with its ceramic-mounted carbon cages.

The top of the cages is made of carbon, with the bottom made of a very stable and impact-resistant plastic. Meanwhile, the switch cages are also available for most common rear derailleurs.


Manufacturer:  RIDEA
Compatibility: Shimano 9000/6800 Serie
Teeth:  16T/16T
Material: Carbon
Bearings:  ceramic bearings
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