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The revolution of the tube industry: plastic instead of rubber! The now absolutely mature use of plastic gives the tube impressive properties. To name just the most important ones:

- extremely light
- very high puncture safety
- no explosive air loss
- very long life
- very resilient and elastic
- low rolling resistance
- very simple and fast repair

In order to combine these properties in a bicycle tube, FOSS had to reinvent the conventional tube. The use of unvulcanized highly polymerized plastic impresses all along the line. An advantage of the material is that it is recyclable. However, this is far from the only attribute that involves the use of the elastomer-thermoplastic blend. The most impressive is probably the much increased runflat behavior. The emergency running behavior of a tube describes the behavior of the tube in case of damage. If you get the idea to pierce a nail through a fully inflated conventional tube, the outcome of this experiment is foreseeable. It is all the more astonishing that, if you do this with a FOSS tube, even for a long time only a minimal loss of air can be detected. Thus, a total failure is usually completely out and damage is only very discreet and clearly delayed noticeable. But that's not all. The FOSS plastic tubes also weigh much less than a conventional rubber tube and are much more elastic. In addition, the rolling resistance is reduced to a minimum. Rides over heavily uneven ground such. Roots, makes the extra suspension clearly noticeable. The adhesive properties of the plastic are similar to those of rubber. Rim tape is therefore not necessary. Nevertheless, we offer specially designed by FOSS rim tape in our shop for sale. This can be found in the category Rim / band.