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Pekana [against]

Against all trends, just like MTB and 29er, the Gravel bike comes upon more and more supporters. It is hardly surprising that we have invested lots of energy into the development of this ZOULOU bike line highlight. A modern Gravel frame must have a disc brake. Furthermore an ultra light racing cycle tube set combined with a tapered steerer tube are deployed. Especially with this frame the accommodation is supported by thin seat strays and seat tubes (27,2mm seat post).

The disc brake leans on a strengthening between the left seat and chain stay and ensures a perfect force transmission without any annoying vibration sounds. Seat and chain stays rest on the dropouts with its entire diameter, thus the twisting is minimized by the application of force while pedalling. The two-way powder coating is extremely impact- and scratchproof. You can hardly find disc brakes in combination with an 130mm rear wheel axle, which is absolutely necessary for racing bicycle cranks so that the chain line is unaltered. For this purpose we deploy light, multiple industrial stored 6-hole disc brake hubs with alloy cassette body. The sturdy full carbon fork is a small technical marvel because of its 460gr weight. Wobbling cyclo-cross forks belong finally to the past. Forks and impeller sets are individually available.

The PEKANA is the chameleon in our ZOULOU line. It is available as a cyclo-cross bike, speed bike and even as a racing bicycle with disc brakes.


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Suitable for thru axle, solid axle and quick release. Innovation by Zoulou!

old price 1,899.00 €
1,699.00 *
You save 11 %


Compatible with all axes. Innovation by Zoulou!

old price 1,299.00 €
1,199.00 *
You save 8 %


Suitable for all axes. Innovation by Zoulou!

old price 2,199.00 €
1,999.00 *
You save 9 %


old price 999.01 €
899.00 *
You save 10 %


Gravel bike from Zoulou model 2017. Inexpensive and optimized for road and off-road.

old price 1,299.00 €
from 1,099.00 *
You save 15 %


Gravel bike from Zoulou model 2019. Fully hydraulic Ultegra brake system and 2x11 ratio.

old price 1,699.00 €
1,499.00 *
You save 12 %


Gravel bike from Zoulou model 2017. Our flagship model among the gravel bikes with extremely high-quality components.

old price 1,999.00 €
1,798.99 *
You save 10 %


Innovation made by Zoulou! Super fast changeable and compatible with all axes. Only since May 2018.

from 29.90 *


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